Solid State Drive, Rugged durability with precision data transfer!

Solid State Drive

With 3D NAND Flash, the Solid State Drive SU700 features bigger storage capacities, higher efficiency, and rugged reliability with an improved cost-performance ratio. Utilizing a Maxiotek controller, the SU700 supports WriteBooster technology to hugely enhance transmission speed and sustained performance with 3D NAND Flash.  Featuring advanced technologies , the Solid State Drive SU700 easily outperforms traditional HDDs with excellent performance in every task : boot up, read, and write.

It's equipped with exclusive features, including WriteBooster SLC caching, Agile ECC, VPR (virtual parity recovery), and Frequency Control to ensure optimized data transfer and longer lifespan. For those who want to experience a clear PC upgrade, the Solid State Drive SU700 definitely is an excellent choice with a great cost-performance ratio. The Ultimate SU700 solid state drive implements 3D NAND Flash and a Maxiotek controller, offering capacities up to 960GB, high read/write performance of up to 560/520MB/s and greater reliability than 2D SSDs.

The Solid State Drive SU700 features Frequency Control technology, which detects operating temperatures and voltages to adjust performance for system stability and data protection. The SU700 supports AES 256-bit encryption to ensure data safety and protect your privacy.

For notebooks and desktops

● Just 7mm thick, the SU700 is an easy fit in ultrabooks. 
● A 2.5mm spacer is bundled for use in 9.5mm drive bays, allowing compatibility with virtually every notebook, desktop, and console.
● Agile EEC : detects and fixes errors for extended SSD longevity 
● V.P.R. (Virtual Parity Recovery) technology : backs up data in NAND Flash and helps recover it should major errors occur.

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