PCIE M.2,Eye - Catching Heatsink for Excellent Cooling.


The PCIE M.2 S11 is covered by a slim, cool black and red heatsink with the XPG logo which reduces the SSD's temperatures by up to 10°C for excellent cooling. Implementing a 32bit DRAM data bus, intelligent SLC Caching, and a DRAM cache buffer, the GAMMIX S11 can accelerate sequential and 4K random read/write speeds to shorten system response time, which is especially suitable for multimedia editing and gaming. And the PCIE M.2 2280 form factor : supports desktops with the latest Intel and AMD platforms.

Q1:What does the term “4K sector” refer to?

A1:As a legacy operating system, Windows XP uses the older 512-bit minimum sector size. Later operating systems and current storage devices use 4096-bit minimum sector sizes, or 4K sectors. This is due to higher storage density and the need to handle bigger files faster, and means that Windows XP is not optimized for SSD, resulting in reduced speed and affecting other performance parameters. To avoid this, we strongly recommend using our SSDs with Windows 7 or later. Do note Windows XP is no longer supported by Microsoft.

Q2:What is the difference between SATA 3.0 & SATA 2.0 specifications?

A2:The Serial ATA-International Organization has launched what is often called “SATA 3”, a 6 gigabit per second (Gbps) standard. The older SATA II specification has a maximum speed of 3Gbps.

Q3:Why do I need to update the firmware on my drive? (SandForce SSD PCIE M.2)

A3:ADATA releases bug fixes, performance enhancements, and other important updates via new firmware releases that are directly available for end-users. Updating to the latest supported firmware will help ensure your ADATA SSD is able to operate at peak performance and stability.

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