External HDD, Military Grade Shock Resistance & FAQ

External HDD

The HD710 passes the stringent Military MIL-STD-810G 516.6 drop test. This USB 3.1 drive is capable of handling the toughest conditions, and still delivers your data at the blazing fast speeds you’ve come to expect. And the External HDD HD710 has passed the stringent IP68 test, offering excellent water and dust resistant protection. Its lively outlook and dynamic design match the requirements and style of sports and outdoor enthusiasts, with color options including blue, yellow, and black.

Q1:After the ADATA external drive has been formatted by a Smart TV, the drive then cannot be read by my computer. Is there a compatibility issue with Smart TV?

A1:Some Smart TVs use the Linux file system format (or a format different from the Windows file system). Due to differences in the external HDD format, computers with Windows operating systems will not recognize the drive. To use the external drive with your computer, use the computer’s operating system “Disk Management” to reformat the drive with a file system that Windows can recognize. (Formatting the hard drive will delete all of its contents, so back up all data before formatting)

Q2:Why does my data transfer sometimes stop in the middle of the process?

A2:USB 3.0 external hard drives may require more current than a similar USB 2.0 device. So it is possible that the USB 2.0 connection will not deliver the required amount of power. If this happens, use both connectors on the Y cable to connect the drive to two USB 2.0 ports, in order to ensure adequate power for the USB 3.0 device.

Q3:When the hard disk is in use, halfway into a transfer I receive an I / O device error! How can I save the data I was working with?

A4: If data transfer is interrupted, make sure that the error was not caused by a lack of power. If a transmission interruption occurs, please reconnect the device and retry the data transmission. In theory, data will not disappear because of interruptions in the transfer process.

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