How about the solid state drive?Is it good?

Solid State DriveAre you have the experience to use solid state drive?If you are not, maybe you can know the question about SSD.Q:How should I back up important data for secure storage? How long can it be stored?A:Of the current varieties of storage media, …


Hey!If you want to buy solid state drive, you should know these question!

Solid State DriveQ:My PC can’t detect the SSD. What can I do?A:First, check that SSD SATA and power cables are properly seated and secured. The next step is to try the SSD with a different SATA port. If the issue persists, go into the BIOS and check that th…


The solid state drive SU750 is upgrade with 3D NAND!

Solid State DriveAre you looking to replace your old SSD or HDD? If so, the ADATA Ultimate solid state drive SU760 solid-state drive is for you.Implementing 3D NAND Flash, the SU760 features higher storage capacities ranging from 256GB to 1TB, improved effi…


What do you think about XPG solid state drive M.2 S50?How about the price?

Solid State DriveHey!Do you know the XPG solid state drive S50?Well, XPG S50 is suitable for gaming.What's more, it features an aluminum heat sink for excellent heat dissipation, 3D Flash memory with up to 2TB capacity, SLC caching, a DRAM cache buffer, End…


Some FAQ about solid state drive!Do you know what software is suitable for SSD?

Solid State DriveAre you use the computer solid state drive?That, do you know what software is suitable for SSD?Actually, ADATA software SSD ToolBox is suitable for solid state drive. Itprovides multiple ways for users to obtain disk information, and change…


Hey!Whats different about solid state drive M.2 S50 and SATA SSD SP580?

Solid State DriveActually, M.2 and SATA also are solid state drives.If you want to give your notebook PC an SSD upgrade instead of going for a slower and less reliable mechanical HDD, ADATA now offers a truly affordable solution.Featuring Marvell controller…


What different about solid state drive SU635 and SX6000 Pro?

Solid State DriveDo you know what different about solid state drive SU635 and PCIE M.2 SX6000 Pro?The solid state drive SU635is built with next-generation QLC 3D NAND Flash to offer amazing value and great performance. It also comes with excellent features …


These question about solid state drive!You should to know!

Solid State DriveQ:How should I back up important data for secure storage? How long can it be stored?A:Of the current varieties of storage media, including CD-ROM, hard drive, Solid State Drive, none can offer secure permanent storage of data. Therefore, i…


These question about solid state drive you should to know!

Q:Do ADATA solid state drives support different OS?A:All ADATA solid state drives are designed and tested to industry standard specifications and requirements laid out by platform holders and professional associations and forums. Each product passes strict …


Whats different about solid state drive SU635 and SP920?

Solid State DriveDo you have solid state drive?Do you know the SSD SU635 and SP920?The SP920 is designed to meet the high-performance requirements of multimedia file transfers It is equipped with a Marvell controller, implementing the SATA III 6Gb/sec speci…


How do you recovery your solid state drive data?

Solid State DriveIf yourSolid State Drive is ADATA's product, you can recovery your data on ADATA online.ADATA has officially partnered with Solid State Drive Savers to offer professional data recovery services, which are essential in protecting users again…


Shaping for Ultimate Protection, the Solid State Drive SU800.

Solid State DriveAll Ultimate SU800 models provide high TBW (Total Bytes Written), meaning the number of times an Solid State Drive can write its entire capacity in one lifespan. The Ultimate SU800’s TBW rating outranks comparable models, indicating a longe…