ADATA 2TB external hard drive HD770G is good for gaming. It security with AES Encryption.

2TB External Hard DriveAre you know the HD770G?Introducing the world's first durable external hard disk with RGB lighting. The 2TB external hard drive HD770Gexceeds the IP68 standard meaning it's waterproof and dustproof and is shock-resistant with its robu…


Defend your data!The cool 2TB external hard drive, HD680!

2tb External Hard DriveSporting a robust layered construction, shock sensors, and AES 256-bit encryption, the ADATA HD680 1TB/2TB External Hard Drive has you covered!The 2TB external hard drive HD680 comes in your choice of black, blue, and yellow, to match…


Defend your data!The 2TB external hard drive HD680.

2tb External Hard DriveThe HD680 is the 2TB external hard drive, itachieves this with a triple-layer construction that consists of a shock-absorbing silicone casing, sturdy buffer, and a cushioned mounting for the hard drive. Itcomes in your choice of black…


What different about 2TB external hard drive HD830 and HV320?

2tb External Hard DriveIf you want to buy external hard drive, maybe you should to know these 2TB external hard drive. The HD830is crafted with a boldly grooved surface with a sandblasted finish and two sturdy side columns that give it the look of a true wa…


Its cool!This 2TB external hard drive going gets touch.

2tb External Hard DriveDo you have the 2tb external hard drive?The HD725can withstand submergence in 2 meters of water for 120 minutes - that exceeds the IEC IPX8 standard!No matter what‘s stored inside, the HD725's provides it with full protection. It does…