When is it time to upgrade my furniture?How about the solid walnut furniture?

Solid Walnut FurnitureAre you want to change your furniture?Should you wait for the New Year when the old goes out and the new comes in? Or should you wait for that promotion you’ve been eyeing so you can buy the furniture in bulk? Of course buying solid wa…


Do you know solid walnut furnitures quality?How about the history?

Solid Walnut FurnitureIf you want to buy quality furniture, maybe you can try GINGKO's furniture. Thekind of wood that goes into your furniture will have a huge impact on its integrity. Tables, desks, or drawers made from low quality wood will not stand the…


How about the walnut furniture type?How about solid walnut furniture?

Solid Walnut FurnitureAs owners of solid walnut furniture and custom made furniture can attest, solid walnut furniture is as sustainable as it is beautiful. Actually, the solid walnut furnitureis noted for its workability and beauty. It is theonly rich, dar…


The solid walnut furniture is suitable for living?How about the history for walnut furniture?

Solid Walnut FurnitureThe GINGKO's george live edge solid walnut coffee table is modern furniture.Modern design with minimal decoration evokes the design icon George Nakashima. Extra thick Walnut slabs are joined by exposed butterfly joints. Freeform live e…


Is Solid Walnut Furniture good?How about the live edge dining table?

Solid Walnut FurnitureIf you want to buy living room furniture, maybe you can think about solid walnut furniture. Inspired by master wood artist George Nakashima, the George Dining Table is formed by thick planks of solid Walnut that are joined in exposed b…